MRRA Defensive Carbine Intermediate advances the skills learned in Defensive Carbine Basic and applies them to a practical environment. This strenuous class is designed to test your abilities with time and physical stress, taking your skill to the next level. You will be taught proper use of cover and concealment and how to keep your gun in the fight from start to finish during dynamic movement drills from barricade to barricade.

You will leave this class able to utilize your carbine in realistic scenarios. You will be prepared for highly advanced coursework upon completion of this class.


Course Overview


Precision offhand fire

Rapid fire on the move

Maintaining continuity of fire

Shooting from cover

Transition from strong side to support side

Required Equipment

Carbine (rental available)

Sling (available for purchase)

6 magazines

Eye and ear protection

Double magazine holster or chest rig

400 rounds of ammunition

Recommended Equipment

Extra ammunition

Extra magazines

Plate Carrier

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