The venerable shotgun is one of the most versatile and effective self defense tools available and MRRA Defensive Shotgun Basic gives you the skills and information needed to maximize its potential in your hands. The course dispels many of the myths surrounding the shotgun. You will learn the basics of external and terminal ballistics, methods to efficiently manipulate the shotgun and how to master administrative and emergency reloads. We teach you everything from the basics of shot patterning and shell selection to keeping the shotgun operational while engaging multiple targets.

MRRA Defensive Shotgun Basic is an exceptionally fun and practical course that everyone will enjoy. Whether experienced or a beginner you can master the basics of running a shotgun.

Course Overview


General overview of different shotgun types and their advantages

Basic manipulation of the shotgun

Fundamentals of shot pattern and ballistics

Loading and reloading the shotgun

Recoil mitigation


Patterning your shotgun

Single and multiple target engagement

Administrative and emergency reloads

Maintaining continuity of fire under stress

Required Gear List:

Pump or semi-automatic shotgun

Eye and ear protection (rental available)

50 rounds buckshot (purchase available in store)

5 rounds foster/deer slug (purchase available in store)

Closed toed shoes

Recommended Gear List:

Side saddle or slip over shell carrier

Extra ammunition

Different loads of buckshot to pattern in your shotgun



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Skill Level:

Duration: 2 HRS