MRRA’s Field guide to AR explains the history, mechanics and myths of the rifle that has served the American military and civilian alike for over 50 years. Beginning with the essential mechanisms of operation, we explain the AR15 and its derivatives in compelling technical detail. You will learn how to assemble a rifle, pistol or carbine from basic components and become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of different gas systems, trigger types, stocks, sights and accessories. When you complete the course you will understand not only how to perform essential maintenance, but also how to select components to maximize the effectiveness of their firearm for a given purpose.

Field Guide to AR is an essential course for any true gun nerd. You and your friends will leave the course with all the knowledge needed to build an AR platform for any purpose, whether for fun, hunting or personal protection.

Course Overview

Classroom: (One Hour)

  • The history of the AR15
  • Basic principles of operation
  • Essential maintenance practices
  • Detailed description of AR15 components and accessories
  • Design considerations for building an AR15

Range: (30 Minutes)

  • Basic AR platform manipulation
  • Hands on familiarization fire with various AR platforms (10 rounds per firearm included)

Required Gear List

  • Eye and ear protection (rental available)
  • Closed toed shoes
  • No loose or low-cut shirts

Recommended Gear List

  • Personal rifle, carbine or AR pistol
  • Hat
  • Notebook and pen

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Duration: 1.5 HR