MRRA Defensive Handgun Basic is the ideal course for you to advance personally in the sport of practical shooting. Building on the solid foundation of marksmanship taught by MRRA Intro to Handgun, we teach you the necessary skills mindset and attitude to utilize a handgun for competitive or defensive purposes. You learn theory in the classroom and apply it on the range, drawing from the holster, clearing malfunctions, engaging multiple targets, scanning for threats and reloading your pistol quickly and efficiently. Everyone who takes this course will leave with practical, defensive shooting skills and drills to refine their capabilities in preparation for Defensive Handgun Intermediate.

This course is available for ladies only on select dates or by request!

Whether you want to build a skillset for practical competitive shooting or carry a pistol for personal safety, Defensive Handgun Basic will enable you to effectively engage your target when life or score is on the line.

Course Overview


Overview of the fundamentals of marksmanship

Drawing from the holster safely

Situational awareness


Engaging targets from ready positions and from the holster

Reloading the pistol efficiently and clearing stoppages

Multiple target engagement and scanning for threats

Required Gear List

Pistol or double action revolver (rental available)

Eye and ear protection (rental available)

Three magazines for pistols or speed loaders for revolvers

Sturdy holster for pistol and magazines

Closed toed shoes

250 rounds of ammunition

Recommended Gear List

Extra ammunition

Extra magazines


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Skill Level:

Duration: 2 HRS