The MRRA Introduction to Handgun course will give you, whether beginner or experienced, the fundamental skills necessary to advance their abilities with pistols and revolvers. You will be taught from the ground up, learning everything from safety to essential marksmanship and firearm manipulation. You will learn the basic principles of firearm operation for both pistols and revolvers, comparative advantages of different platform and caliber choices, basic firearm handling, and essential firearm maintenance.

This course is available for ladies only on select dates or by request!

  By course completion, you will have learned the necessities to safely and effectively utilize and maintain a handgun, whether for fun, competition or self-defense. Introduction to Handgun prepares you for more challenging coursework and personal achievement.

Course Overview


Fundamentals of firearm safety

Types of handguns

Fundamentals of marksmanship, grip and stance

Basic firearm manipulation


Precision fire

Rapid fire


Firing from different ready positions

Required Gear List

A pistol or revolver (rentals are available)

Two magazines required for pistols (included with firearm rental)

Eye and Ear protection (rentals are available)

50 rounds of brass ammunition (available for purchase in store)

Closed toed shoes

Recommended Gear List

Magazine holster (available for purchase in store)


Extra ammunition



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Skill Level:

Duration: 2 HRS