The MRRA Defensive Handgun Intermediate course introduces students to efficient pistol shooting techniques.  A brief review of fundamentals from Introduction to Handgun will be covered and how they correspond to the practical application of pistol shooting.  Students will learn the proper self-defense methods of a pistol without the use of a holster and progress to working from the draw in and out of the  holster safely and effectively.  Other skills covered in the course: stoppages and malfunctions, empty mag/tactical reloads, multiple target engagements, pivots and shooting on the move.


Gear list

– Serviceable firearm

– eye protection

– ear protection

– sturdy strong side belt holster that fits your firearm

– double pistol mag carrier that fits your belt.

– at least 4 magazines

– 200 rounds of quality ammunition

– closed-toed shoes or boots

Optional gear

– spare firearm

– knee and elbow pads

– range bag

– cleaning kit and lubrication

– pen and small notebook

– gloves

– hat for protection from hot brass

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Skill Level:

Duration: 2 HRS