MRRA Urban Medicine teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to save a life. You will learn the steps to handle life threatening trauma, from establishing security to preventing shock and hypothermia. Topics covered in detail include controlling major bleeding, stabilizing airways and maintaining circulation. In addition to learning how to properly apply tourniquets, chest seals, gauze and bandages, you will learn to improvise these lifesaving medical devices from common objects you can find in your environment.

  Whether you know CPR, have your license to carry or simply want to be able to make a difference, MRRA Urban Medicine is an essential step towards becoming a prepared citizen.

Course Overview

Practical Skill Building: 

How to establish security

Stopping major bleeding

Managing wounds to the chest

Maintaining breathing and circulation

Preventing shock

Improvising medical equipment

Scenario Learning:

Role play different scenarios from active shooters to car crashes

After action performance evaluation



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