The MRRA Private Archery course is designed to give students, whether a beginner or experienced, a rock-solid foundation in the fundamentals of archery, whether shooting a recurve or compound bow. It will allow the student to become proficient in safety, bow manipulation and set them up for success in future classes and more advanced shooting techniques. We will go over recurve and compound bow types, equipment choice, and equipment necessary to maintain the bow. This course is designed to make the student comfortable with archery safely and enjoy the sport of shooting.

  • Individual | $50/Hr
  • Group 2-4 | $45/Hr Per Person
  • Group 5-8 | $40/Hr Per Person
Gear List:
  • Recurve or compound bow (rental is available)
  • Minimum of 5 arrows
  • Glove or tab for finger protection (recurve bow)
  • Release (compound bow)
  • Closed toed shoes or boots
  • No loose clothing or jewelry preferred

Please contact the Archery Department to schedule a private group lesson!

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