Precision Rifle Advanced is the second installment of MRRA’s Precision Rifle course series, taking shooters who have established a foundation of knowledge and giving them the tools required to become advanced marksmen. Precision Rifle Advanced is a two-day course that will be conducted at MRRA’s off-site training location. The course will cover firing techniques from alternative firing positions, the use of a Milling reticle to calculate range, as well as proper application of a tripod. The main focus of this course will be the importance of building a solid shooting position in situations that prohibit the use of the prone supported position. A large portion of the live-fire conducted during this course will take place from alternate shooting positions, utilizing natural terrain features, barricades, roof lines, and vehicles giving the student a wide variety of obstacles from which to fire.  

The student will leave Long Range 2 with the ability to engage targets in less than ideal positions, effectively use a tripod, and accurately engage targets at unknown distances. These skills will serve as excellent tools for the shooter to be able to compete in the Precision Rifle sport or complete shooting solutions in the field. 

DAY 1: (Saturday) 

  • Confirm Rifle Data on 1,000 yard range 
  • Instruction – Solving for unknown distance 
  • Instruction – Alternate firing positions 
  • Instruction – Use of tripod and equipment 

DAY 2: (Sunday) 

  • Live-Fire Application – Fire from alternate firing positions using tripod and equipment 
  • Live-Fire Application – Solve for and engage unknown distance targets 
  • Live-Fire Application – Engage multiple variable distance targets 
  • Live-Fire Application – Solve shooting scenarios using a combination of skills learned 


  • Bolt Action or Gas Operated Rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy (Rental Available) 
  • Tripod (Rental Available) 
  • Bipod 
  • 200 Rounds of Match-Grade ammunition 
  • Rifle Data Book 
  • Ear Protection 
  • Weather appropriate clothing, long pants, and closed-toed shoes 


  • On-site lodging costs $145 and includes: 
  • Meals  
  • Access to pistol, carbine, and shotgun range 
  • Access to Ranch amenities such as: Trophy Fishing Lake, Game Room, Swimming Pool, and Firepit  

MRRA Instructors will reach out to each individual prior to the start of the course to conduct a consultation on equipment and accommodations. 

For any further questions please email: 

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