Precision Rifle Advanced is the second installment of MRRA’s Precision Rifle course series, taking shooters who have established a foundation of knowledge and giving them the tools required to become advanced marksmen. Precision Rifle Advanced is a one-day course that will be conducted at MRRA’s off-site training location. This course is intended for shooters looking to advance and refine their long-range marksmanship abilities. The course will cover firing techniques from alternative firing positions, competition and hunting mindset and considerations, and proper application of a tripod and other support equipment. A large portion of the live-fire conducted during this course will take place from alternate shooting positions, utilizing natural terrain features and various obstacles giving the student a wide variety of platforms from which to fire.

The student will leave Precision Rifle Advanced with the ability to engage targets from a variety of positions, effectively use a tripod, and accurately engage targets at extended distances. These skills will serve as excellent tools for the shooter to be able to compete in the precision rifle sports or place accurate shots on target in a field environment.


  • Bolt Action or Gas Operated Rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy (Rental Available)
  • Tripod (Rental Available)
  • Bipod
  • 100-150 Rounds of quality ammunition
  • Method of note-taking/data recording

MRRA Instructors will reach out to each individual prior to the start of the course to conduct a consultation on equipment and accommodations For any further questions please email:


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