More time behind your pistol!

  • Review Shooting Fundamentals
  • Situational Awareness
  • Dress for Success – Setting up belt, holster and gear
  • Teach Draw Stroke
  • Loading & Reloading Drills
  • Cover Continued Shooting Opportunities

This course will review the fundamentals taught in Ladies Handgun 1, state and explain safety rules and apply them. During the extent of the course, our trainer will be very hands-on running drills, and practicing skills and techniques to better handle your pistol with confidence. You will leave here feeling empowered! Enjoy shooting while meeting other ladies interested in shooting too.  Also we will discuss the draw stroke, stoppages and malfunctions and reading your target.  We will go over how to pick a holster that’s right for you and what to look for so you are ready for Handgun 3.


  • Eyes, ear protection (rentals available)
  • Handgun (rentals available)
  • 300 rounds ammunition
  • Closed toe shoes and no low shirts



*Prerequisite: must have taken Ladies Handgun 1 at Mission Ridge Range.

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Skill Level:

Duration: 3 HRS