Tammy Stein

Instructor & Chief Range Safety Officer

Meet Tammy Stein, Instructor & Chief Range Safety Officer

Tammy Stein is a native Texan with family dating back to the 1840 Republic of Texas when her great, great, great grandfather came to Texas with a land grant. She has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in retail, political, and nonprofit organizations. She has an associate degree from Sheffield School.

Tammy found a passion for guns when she took her 1st class. Since then, Tammy has logged 3,400+ hours of training, competitions, and matches around the country. She has competed in AASA (American Action Shooting Association), IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) and 3 Gun Competition. She is a Certified Texas DPS License to Carry Instructor and NRA Certified Training Counselor (Instructor Trainer), Regional Counselor, & Chief Range Safety Officer. She is also certified marksman from Gunsite Academy, Range Master certified from Tom Givens, Street Safe Texas Defensive firearms instructor, and SAFTD Defensive Handgun Instructor.

Her commitment is to educate safety in gun training and ownership, engage individuals in the fun sport of shooting, and at the same time bring the excitement of knowing you are empowered to protect you and your family. Tammy’s on-going mission is to empower and engage individuals in firearm training. She feels that once the passion is presented through proper safety training and firearm knowledge more people will benefit from owning a firearm. A great trainer needs to show they are passionate, organized, knowledgeable, establish friendly rapport, be flexible in environments, and strive to improve a student’s knowledge.