Victor Perez

Director of Training

Meet Victor Perez, Director of Training

Victor had the great opportunity to be transferred to Texas in 2012 and retire in 2015 after 20 years of faithful service from the Marine Corps.  He graduated recruit training in 1995 where he became a machine gunner after completing the School of Infantry.  During his 20 years he served as a Marine Corps rifle and pistol coach, a Primary Marksmanship Instructor and Chief Instructor for the 1st Marine Division School of Infantry for a total of 16 years as an instructor.  He has shot competitively with the Marine Corps Rifle and Pistol team as well as numerous civilian matches.  He served combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well as multiple overseas deployments.  Victor retired here in San Antonio as the 4th Reconnaissance Training Chief.  After leaving the Marine Corps Victor served two more tours in Iraq as a Personal Protective Specialist providing security to the Ambassador to Iraq as his personal body guard.  He also had the unique privilege of serving on the personal detail of the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, when he visited Iraq.  Victor has served the last 2 years as a firearms instructor for the State Dept. as well as doing protective details in high threat environments.

Victor has a true passion, both for firearms, and for teaching.  His goal has always been to have people share in this passion and be both confident and comfortable with firearms.  His philosophy is to move only as fast as the student is capable of moving.  During his 18 years as a firearms instructor and the thousands of students he has taught, he has never met a student he couldn’t teach or one he couldn’t make a better shooter.  He is patient, knowledgeable, flexible and has everybody’s safety as his top priority.