Put your skills to the test.

MRRA Top Shot league gives you a fun new way to participate in the shooting sports, allowing you to compare your results with other competitors across San Antonio. This league will challenge a new skill each week, with a different competition. Every participant will choose their designated competition day to come in and compete.

STARTS: Monday, September 23rd

LAST TIME TO SIGN UP: Sunday, October 6th

Designated league days:

    • Friday (5PM – 8PM)
    • Saturday (6PM – 9PM)

The day you sign up for below will be consistent throughout the 5 weeks. If you cannot make your designated league day, give us a call within 24 hours to reschedule for the week.

Non-Member Price: $50

Member Price: $40

Weekly Mulligans can be purchased for $20.

Find more details on weekly challenges


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