SYWAT – Shoot Your Way Across Texas is coming to Mission Ridge Range this month!

January 28th & January 29th

 Shooting Times: 10AM or 2PM


To Register – Please call us at (210) 504-9000 or visit us in-store!

This is a state wide “league” held primarily during the winter (November – February). Tournaments are hosted by various shops or clubs around the state. Any archer can compete in the events but you must be a NFAA/TFAA Member to compete for the SYWAT Aggregate/Tour Champion award. N.F.A.A. divisions and shooting styles will be in effect.  For the current shooting styles, CLICK HERE.

Costs Per Round:
$25  – Adult Categories
$20 – Cub/Youth/Young Adult
$70 – Max. Per Family

The indoor SYWAT format is the NFAA standard “300 Round,” shot at 10 yards for cubs and 20 yards for all other age classes.  Archers shoot 12 ends of 5 arrows each for a total of 60 arrows.
Targets are rotated between top and bottom after the 6th end.
Targets are the archer’s choice of the NFAA 40 cm (blue) single spot, or the NFAA 5 spot.  Scoring on the 40 cm target is 5-4-3-2-1.  Xs score 5, but are counted as a tiebreaker.
The 5 spot target is scored 5-4.  Xs score as 5, but are counted as a tiebreaker.


(combined perfect score 1200-240x)

Best 3 scores from SYWAT Indoor events

1st day score from the TFAA State Indoor Championship

Shoot as many SYWAT events as you wish, only your top scores will be used. You can shoot the same location on the same weekend multiple times but only the highest score will count towards the SYWAT awards.

Questions or comments?? Please contact the TFAA Tournament Director for more details.

For a complete list of SYWAT Indoor Events check the TFAA Schedule