Greg Mancini

Director of Archery

Meet Greg Mancini, Director of Archery

Starting at the young age of 3 years old with his Fred Bear recurve, Greg Mancini fell in love with the art of shooting competitive archery. After watching his father win back-to-back national championships, Greg knew instantly that he wanted to follow directly in his path.

Greg brings over 20 years of archery experience, with an extensive background in compound set-ups and advanced tuning.

Born and raised in the small town of Bordentown, New Jersey, Greg learned and trained under his father while working at the pro shop that he managed for over 25 years. At the age of 18 Greg became a professional archer for the National Field Archery Association. Greg has had a successful shooting career thus far, with wins and top podium finishes at every level of competition.

In fall of 2015 Greg signed his first professional shooting contract with Mathews Inc. and has been on their factory staff ever since. He also is a proud member of the Gold Tip and Bee Stinger shooting staff, along with several other great brands. Greg currently shoots on the ASA Pro/Am tour in the Known Pro class where he is working his way through the pro ranks in the 3-D archery scene.

After years of hard work, Greg has he has landed his dream job at Mission Ridge Range & Academy as the Director of Archery. With great love for the outdoors and a passion for helping others receive the best knowledge and services at his archery counter, Greg invites you into the Mission Ridge for the ultimate archery experience.

Mission Ridge Range and Academy

Free Bow Setup

Every bow purchased at Mission Ridge Range will come with a complementary set-up and advanced tune. In Addition, every arrow purchased at Mission Ridge will also come with complementary arrow build and proper set-up.

Bow Services

Complete Bow/Crossbow Setup$75.00
Install Sight$5.00
Install Crossbow Scope$10.00
Install Arrow Rest$6.00
Install Drop-Away Rest$10.00
Install Quiver$5.00
Draw Length Adjustment$15.00
Paper Tuning (Advanced Dynamic)$25.00
Arrow Cutting (per Shaft)$1.00

Value Packages

Hunter Tune/Breakdown/Rebuild$30.00
Advanced Target Tune/Breakdown/Rebuild$50.00

String Services

Install String$10.00
Install Cables$10.00
Install String Silencers$5.00
Install Kisser Button$3.00
Install Nock Sets$5.00
Install Speed Nocks$6.00
Install D-Loop (includes materials)$6.00
Crossbow Center Serve Redo$10.00
Reserve String/Cables$20.00
Reserve String or cable$10.00
Complete String Setup$20.00

General Labor

Labor Charge (per ½ hour)$20.00
Warranty Repair$20.00
Personal Beginner Shooting Lesson (per ½ hour)$20.00
Personal Advanced Shooting Lesson (per ½ hour)$40.00