Creating an NFA Trust with Willi Law Firm

One of the first steps in purchasing a suppressor is deciding how you are going to file your paperwork. By processing your form(s) through a Trust, you are opening up your options related to who can use the NFA items and protecting the transition of your collection to a beneficiary in the future. At Mission Ridge Range and Academy we have a long standing relationship with the best in th buisness when it comes to createing NFA trusts, the Willi Law Firm. Follow the steps below to set up you NFA Trust today. 

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  • Option 1: Call (preferred if you are ready to purchase NOW): (512) 288-3200


  • Option 2: Email though Willi contact page:

    Follow this link and complete the form on the Willi Law Firm website.

Complete your Trust 
  • Pay for Trust Documents: There is a one time payment of $300 to the Willi Law Firm to create your trust. All payments for your Trust go through the Willi Law Firm, Mission Ridge Range and Academy does not make any money on these Trusts, it's just a great product!

  • Notarize your Trust: This is required before we can use your Trust on any ATF forms. We have noteries on staff, please call your local store for scheduling.

NFA Trust Explained

A gun trust is a special purpose trust designed specifically to hold firearms of all types. It contains references to statutes governing firearm possession and ownership so that persons who are not allowed to inherit a firearm do not become an accidental beneficiary. A gun trust keeps firearms in the family, but outside of the probate court. A gun trust serves several purposes. First, it is a private way to pass firearms on to your beneficiaries, outside of the probate court system. People with large collections of firearms, or very valuable firearms, should consider using a gun trust. A gun trust also makes it more convenient to purchase and hold more regulated firearms such as suppressors (silencers), short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and fully automatic weapons. These types of firearms are governed by the National Firearms Act (NFA) and require the purchaser to pay a $200 tax and obtain a tax stamp from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). With a trust, other persons can be made a trustee to be able to legally possess these firearms. If an individual acquires a tax stamp without a trust, lending an NFA firearm to a friend or family member outside of the individual’s physical presence is a felony.