MRRA Defensive Carbine Basic prepares you to use your carbine for competition or home defense. You will learn advanced manipulation of your weapon platform include tactical and speed reloads. After building a solid foundation of weapon handling, we teach you to shoot and move. The class culminates with you running drills that require you to assess and address threats dynamically and on the clock.

If you plan to use a carbine for home defense or want to hone your skills for competition, MRRA Defensive Carbine Basic will enable you to advance to the next level as a shooter.


Course Overview


Carry methods and utilizing a sling

Maintaining situational awareness

Fundamentals of marksmanship


Rapid Fire

Speed and tactical reloads


Shooting and moving

Maintaining situational awareness and scanning for threats

Required Equipment

Carbine (rental available)

Sling (available for purchase)

4 magazines

Eye and ear protection

Double magazine holster or chest rig

250 rounds of ammunition

Recommended Equipment

Extra ammunition

Extra magazines

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