Carbine Level One is a 4 hour course designed for most levels of shooters. Drills will be challenging and the course will reinforce the importance of the fundamentals so we are able to refine them and support progress.


Have a basic understanding of how to use your rifle. We will cover some fundamentals, but a good foundation is mandatory. Intro to Carbine is an available course and will build a foundation for the student if you feel that you need it before attending a level-one course.

The course will cover the following:

  •   Weapon set-up
  •   Varying shooting positions
  •   Height over bore/ offset
  •   Defensive accuracy
  •   Balancing speed and accuracy
  •   Economy of motion
  •   Reloading and weapon manipulation
  •   Working through malfunctions
  •   Target transitions

Equipment list:

  •   A ZEROED RIFLE (AR15 or AK platform)
  •   Sling
  •   3 magazines minimum
  •   Eye/Ear protection
  •   A rigid belt
  •   Mag carriers
  •   200 rounds minimum (no steel core or steel cased) extra ammo is always good.
  •   Proper clothing and footwear
  •   Pen/paper
  •   A positive attitude and willingness to learn

Optional Equipment:

  •   Chest rig
  • Plate carrier

PRICE: $275


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Duration: 4 HRS

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