Mission Ridge Range and Academy

Free Bow Setup

Every bow purchased at Mission Ridge Range will come with a complementary set-up and advanced tune. In Addition, every arrow purchased at Mission Ridge will also come with complementary arrow build and proper set-up.

Bow Services

Complete Bow/Crossbow Setup$75.00
Install Sight$5.00
Install Crossbow Scope$10.00
Install Arrow Rest$6.00
Install Drop-Away Rest$10.00
Install Quiver$5.00
Draw Length Adjustment$15.00
Paper Tuning (Advanced Dynamic)$25.00
Arrow Cutting (per Shaft)$1.00

Value Packages

Hunter Tune/Breakdown/Rebuild$30.00
Advanced Target Tune/Breakdown/Rebuild$50.00

String Services

Install String$10.00
Install Cables$10.00
Install String Silencers$5.00
Install Kisser Button$3.00
Install Nock Sets$5.00
Install Speed Nocks$6.00
Install D-Loop (includes materials)$6.00
Crossbow Center Serve Redo$10.00
Reserve String/Cables$20.00
Reserve String or cable$10.00
Complete String Setup$20.00

General Labor

Labor Charge (per ½ hour)$20.00
Warranty Repair$20.00
Personal Beginner Shooting Lesson (per ½ hour)$20.00
Personal Advanced Shooting Lesson (per ½ hour)$40.00