Training Options

Our simulator is equipped with both self-lead and trainer-lead programs to accommodate every type of training need. No matter your skill level there’s a program for you.

  • Simulator Training capabilities
  • 800+ Law Enforcement based Use-of-Force and Personal Protection scenarios
  • Instructor Led Use-of-Force interactive software
  • Advanced Debrief Functionality
  • Low-Light training
  • 3-D Audio Effects
  • Skill Builder Shooting Drills

Great for Events & Entertainment

Fun for all ages, our simulator has a full library of interactive games to challenge you in a safe, non-live fire environment. Fundamentals of trigger control, sight alignment, and safe firearm handling techniques will be put to the test while trying to fight off zombies, enjoy a shooting gallery in the Wild West, or compete in a timed shooting challenge.

Simulator Event capabilities

  • Up to 4 shooters at a time

  • Skill Builder Scenarios

  • Over 40 games

  • Zombie and Wild West Scenarios

  • Head-to-Head Competitions

  • Kids Games for all ages

  • Zero Live Fire shooting experience required

Simulator Pricing

Simulator Rates PUBLIC MEMBERS
Primary Participant $10/30 Min. 40% OFF*
Additional Participant $5/30 Min. 40% OFF*
Instructor Lead Simulator Rental - Up to 4 Participants $100/Hr. 10% OFF**
Group Rental - Unlimited Participants $60/Hr. 40% OFF***

* Gold Members Receive 20% OFF & 40% for Platinum Members
** Gold Members Receive 5% OFF & 10% for Platinum Members
*** Silver Members Receive 10% OFF, Gold Members Receive 20% OFF, & 40% off for Platinum Members