Trey Dobbs

Senior Gunsmith

Meet Trey Dobbs, Senior Gunsmith

With over 25 years of shooting experience and a degree in Gunsmithing from one of country’s oldest Gunsmithing schools, our full time Gunsmith, Trey Dobbs, has the mechanical and technical expertise to earn your trust with all your firearm repair and enhancement needs.

Born and raised in Texas, Trey developed his passion for firearms and hunting at a young age. Trey studied his profession at Colorado School of Trades in Lakewood, CO. After completing his training at CST, Trey found himself expanding his knowledge in quality control procedures and the use of a variety of precision equipment without ever letting his goal of Gunsmithing out of his sights. His time spent with Camber Corporation gave him the experience of traveling around the world repairing weapons for the U.S. Army. This job required a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff to ensure the weapons used by our soldiers from the National Guard to Special Forces were in perfect order prior to combat deployments.

After logging years of experience under his belt, Trey has found his dream in Gunsmithing at Mission Ridge Range and Academy.

Mission Ridge Range and Academy

Gunsmith Services

Item DescriptionItemRetail Price
Gunsmithing Hourly RateGENERAL LABOR$95.00
Gunsmithing - Min Charge per GunGENERAL LABOR$30.00
Clean & Lube (Field Strip) GENERAL LABOR$35.00
Clean & Lube (Detail Strip)GENERAL LABOR$75.00 - $100.00
Troubleshooting & RepairGENERAL LABOR$50.00 - $95.00
Scope Installation & Bore SightLONG GUN WORK$55.00
Bore Sight OnlyLONG GUN WORK$30.00
Sight in @ Range (Up to .300 Mag)LONG GUN WORK$115.00
Sight in @ Range (Over .300 Mag)LONG GUN WORK$145.00
Scope Install, Bore, Sight, and Sight in (Up to .300 Win Mag)LONG GUN WORK$160.00
Scope Install, Bore, Sight, and Sight in (Over .300 Win Mag)LONG GUN WORK$190.00
Aftermarket Trigger Kit Installation and AdjustmentLONG GUN WORK$50.00 - $120.00
Install Aftermarket Sights (XD or PX4)HANDGUN WORK$55.00 ($85.00)
Install Spring KitHANDGUN WORK$65.00 - $95.00
Aftermarket Trigger Kit Installation and AdjustmentHANDGUN WORK$50.00 - $100.00
Install Muzzle Device (Not Indexed)AR-15 WORK$40.00
Install Muzzle Device (Indexed)AR-15 WORK$60.00
Install Gas BlockAR-15 WORK$65.00
Install Free Float HandguardAR-15 WORK$85.00
Change Pistol GripAR-15 WORK$10.00
Install Vertical ForegripAR-15 WORK$20.00
Change Carbine ButtstockAR-15 WORK$20.00
Change Rifle Buttstock to CarbineAR-15 WORK$55.00
Cowitness Optics/LaserAR-15 WORK$40.00
Change BarrelAR-15 WORK$95.00
Install Adjustable TriggerAR-15 WORK$75.00
Install Drop-in TriggerAR-15 WORK$40.00
Change Out FurnitureAR-15 WORK$65.00
Build Upper or LowerAR-15 WORK$90.00
Full AR-15 BuildAR-15 WORK$175.00