Full Service

We are a full-service shop for all your gunsmithing needs including builds, scope installs, bore sighting, trigger jobs, cleaning, and all AR platform work! Our gunsmiths and armorers can get you and your firearms set up, accessorized, sighted-in and ready for your next trip to the range or out in the field.

Services and Pricing

Service Description Retail Price
General Labor
Gunsmithing Hourly Rate $95.00
Gunsmithing - Min Charge per Gun $30.00
Clean & Lube (Field Strip) $45.00
Clean & Lube (Detail Strip) $75.00 - $100.00
Troubleshooting & Repair $50.00 - $95.00
Scope Installation & Bore Sight $65.00
Bore Sight Only $35.00
Sight in @ Range (Up to .300 Mag) $115.00
Sight in @ Range (Over .300 Mag) $145.00
Scope Install, Bore, Sight, and Sight in (Up to .300 Win Mag) $160.00
Scope Install, Bore, Sight, and Sight in (Over .300 Win Mag) $190.00
Aftermarket Trigger Kit Installation and Adjustment $75.00
Install Aftermarket Sights (XD or PX4) $55.00 - $85.00
Install Spring Kit $65.00 - $95.00


Service Description Retail Price
AR-15 Work
Install Muzzle Device (Not Indexed) $40.00
Install Muzzle Device (Indexed) $60.00
Install Gas Block $65.00
Install Free Float Handguard $85.00
Change Pistol Grip $10.00
Install Vertical Foregrip $20.00
Change Carbine Buttstock $20.00
Change Rifle Buttstock to Carbine $55.00
Co-Witness Optics/Laser $40.00
Change Barrel $95.00
Install Adjustable Trigger $75.00
Install Drop-in Trigger $50.00
Change Out Furniture $65.00
Build Upper or Lower $90.00
Full AR-15 Build $175.00