NFA Transfer Fees

  • MRRA General Transfer Fee: $150
  • MRRA Member Transfer Fee: $100
  • ATF Tax Stamp Fee for SBRs, SBSs, Suppressors, & Full Auto: $200
  • ATF Tax Stamp Fee for AOWs: $5



Have the transferring FFL send your information, order information, and their FFL/SOT.

  • Please have the transferring FFL send an email to including the following information:

    • Your name and contact information (imperative to ensure we can get in touch with you when your firearm is ready to be transferred / picked-up).

    • Information on the item being transferred including; make, model & serial number

    • Copy of their FFL & SOT

  • Once the information is received, we will promptly send back our FFL & SOT information to start ATF transfer process. Please be aware that this process can take a couple of weeks to complete prior to the dealer being able to ship the item to us. 



Complete the form below to have us reach out to the seller to give them our information.


We encourage you to always get a tracking number for your transfer. Mission Ridge Range and Academy is not responsible for, nor able to, track shipments.

Once the firearm arrives to one of our locations, it can take 24 to 72 hours to enter into our system and have it ready for you start your Form 4 process. Please wait for one of our Team Members to contact you for confirmation that is it ready to start paperwork. 

Please be aware that Mission Ridge Range and Academy follows all NFA, ATF and local laws regarding transferring firearms. You will be required to complete a Form 4 and pay your Tax Stamp fee when the item arrives. An approved Tax is required before the item can be picked up. Please provide a valid form of identification and trust documents (if applicable) to complete this process. For more information on the NFA Process, please go to our NFA Corner page.