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NFA Process Made Simple

“Trusts? Form 4… or was it Form 1? Wait… I can’t leave with it today? What’s a tax stamp?”

Throughout the years we have been breaking down the complexity of the NFA (National Firearms Act) process, by making Mission Ridge Range and Academy a one-stop-shop for everything NFA. Whether you are a first-time purchaser or have a collection of NFA items, we handle all your suppressor, short barreled rifle (SBR), short barreled shotgun (SBS), and full-auto needs.

OUR NFA Solution

Let’s first state that it IS legal for a civilian to purchase and own suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and full autos. You are just required to go through a process with the ATF (Called a Form 4 or Form 1) to obtain the prized Tax Stamp, which is essentially a permission slip from the ATF allowing you to own an NFA item. Completing the Form(s) can be overwhelming for many, and doing it incorrectly can result in additional delays in an already lengthy process. By trusting Mission Ridge Range and Academy with your NFA items you get access to our FBI fingerprint and photo capturing system, expertly trained staff, talented NFA trust lawyers, ATF eForm4 and connections with the ATF's NFA Branch. All you have to do is choose your item and let us take it from there!

Everything is easier when you understand the steps required; the ATF Form 4 & Form 1 process is no exception.


Determine how you are going to process your paperwork
  • Option 1: Trust or Entity Filing:

    The most common type of ATF form processing is through a Gun Trust. By processing your form(s) through a Trust, you are opening up your options related to who can use the NFA items and you are also protecting the transition of your collection to a beneficiary. This option requires you to establish a trust prior to starting your form paperwork. Our recommended trust lawyer: Willi Law Firm |

  • Option 2: Individual Filing:

    Individual filing is the simplest way to submit paperwork, but limits the flexibility of having others use or be in possession of the NFA item. Additionally, there is no protection of your item beyond your personal use. If you decide to move to a trust in the future, you will have to go through another Form 4 process. (We highly recommend option 1 above!)

Choose the NFA item you would like to purchase or build
  • If you are looking to purchase a suppressor, SBR, SBS, or full auto you will be required to complete a Form 4 with us. The ATF charges $200 per item for a Tax Stamp that must be submitted with your Form 4.

  • If you are creating your own NFA item (example: Turning a rifle into an SBR) you will be required to complete a Form 1; we are unable to complete the Form 1 for you, but can assist in the fingerprinting and photographs. The ATF charges $200 per item for a Tax Stamp that must be submitted with your Form 1.

Complete Fingerprints and Photographs
  • These are done completely in-house at one of our locations, and uploaded to the ATF e-Form portal with the approved FBI standard fingerprint file and photographs. *If you have a trust, talk to us about options on fingerprinting and photos for your trustees.

Complete & Submit Form(s) In-Store
  • You will need to create an eForm account prior to completing an eForm 4. Create your account at (*make sure to take note of your: username, password, and pin).

  • Before the eForm 4 can be submitted for processing, the ATF will require a $200 Tax Stamp fee (per item).

Use your NFA items at our Indoor Range while you wait for ATF approval
  • The joy of choosing Mission Ridge Range and Academy for your NFA items, is that you get to USE THEM ON OUR RANGES WHILE YOU WAIT for the ATF to complete processing of your Tax Stamp!!!

  • The ATF has improved paperwork processing speed with their eForms system, however the approval process can still take some time. We have seen forms come back in a couple months but have also seen them take a year. When submitting your paperwork, you can ask our Team Members for an estimated wait time, but please be aware that it is ultimately on the ATF's processing timeline and delays may occur.

REJOICE! the day your Tax Stamp comes in and leave with your item
  • If you like the feeling of Christmas morning or finding a $100 bill, then you will really enjoy the day your Tax Stamp comes in!

  • Complete a Form 4473 and that NFA item is all yours!


To get status updates from the ATF for your submitted Form(s) please call the ATF NFA branch. You will need to give them your name (or trust name), our name as the dealer (Mission Ridge Range and Academy), and the serial number of the item.

(304) 616-4500 | ATF NFA Branch